Koran Dunbar

Written By: Dennis - Feb• 21•12

Koran Dunbar writer/director/producer/actor

There are very few things you need to know about me from a biographical standpoint.
I was born Hartford Connecticut, but grew up in the Pennsylvania. I moved to Pennsylvanian to live with my grandparents after my mother passed… away, in which my father was not stable enough to raise me. Moving from the projects of Hartford was probably one of the most life changing things that has happened to me.

I attended high school at Greencastle Antrim High School where I was first found a way to exercise my humor and acting skills in television productions class. Until then I really struggled in school, I guess that learning style was not best suitable for me. It wasn’t until T.V production that I got my first taste of the, “film word” so to speak, which I immediately fell in love with. My T.V production teacher at the time help assist me getting an internship at a local TV station. After high school I attended Penn State University where I studied communication media studies.

The struggles of being a single father and raising a child by my self at the age of 20 and still have the dream to be an actor is what kept me restless when I tried to forget about this dream I had. I have to say that without my son I would not be where I am at today nor would I be forced to have to write a bio about a film.

I have always been influenced by art, music and comedy. I was a comedian before and actor. Comedians are the best entertainers there is honestly with comedy and you need in writing directing and acting. Which I relied on when I decided to create my first feature film “Greencastle”, named after the town I grew up in. I have been known to have an underdog persona and a do not quit attitude, which plays a heavy influence on my writing. The under dog story will never grow old and always seems to be the best way to inspire.

I began writing Greencastle in 2010 after my grandmother passed away, who was one of my hero’s, and biggest supporters in my performing dreams. I guess you can say I was at a quarter life crisis. After seeing a local filmmaker create a film that actually, looked like a film that was all the blind confidence that I needed to not just write a script but also turn this script into what is now a “real film”.

I am not the smartest guy in fact I am about as average as they come which always made me push my self in anything I have ever done. I am very competitive to do something and if someone says I cannot do anything then I will try my best to prove him or her wrong.

What I plan to bring to the world of film is a much needed just do it attitude for film while not trying to be to artsy but yet still have that artist mystique about what I do if that makes sense. I want my works and acting to be honest and inspiring.

I’m 29 years old. I can’t dunk. I’m right handed. I like pranks. I’m hate watching sport would rather play them. I’ve probably mispelled a word somewhere in this bio. And after the whole home remodel/indie film summer vacation, I’m, unbelievably, still sane.
Did I mention that I have worked and appeared on MTV, MTV’s The Real World as a guest comedian, Late Night with Conan O Brien and Dumb and Dumber 2, Bamboo Shark, and Dead Woman’s Hollow.

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